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Build With Confidence

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Kitchen Innovations

A kitchen is the heart of a home so, it’s no wonder that adding simple things can enhance functionality and make life easier and more enjoyable.

At DiVosta, we are continuously looking at different kitchen designs and layouts to better meet your needs.  Our top 5 simple kitchen design elements help deliver on our commitment to functionality, creative design and easy maintenance.


1. Smart storage: no blind or dead corners

Our kitchen designs take advantage of every nook and cranny to provide our homebuyers with the storage that they need. By eliminating blind or dead corners, we create more storage options, such as under counter cabinets for storing small appliances.

2. A minimum of one drawer stack

Stacked drawers provide a sensible storage solution that makes it easier to find pots, pans, plates and utensils. By locating these drawers next to a cooktop or dishwasher, access to essential items is more convenient, making cooking and entertaining more enjoyable.

3. Pull out trash and recycling

We know that our homeowners want to keep trash out of sight and mind. By including a pull-out cabinet, trash cans and their contents can be concealed behind closed doors. We also include space for a recycling container so that it is easier and more convenient to separate trash and recyclables without having to make an extra trip to the garage.

4. Beautiful and functional lighting

We recognize that the kitchen is more than a place to cook and eat. It is also a space for the family to gather and entertain. Because of this, lighting is important for function and aesthetics. Our design incorporates three key areas for warm, beautiful lighting: 1) Task lighting with undercabinet LED lights and switches in appropriate spots for ease of use; 2) natural lighting to maximize the amount of natural light, like ample windows in the café or gathering space; and 3) decorative lighting options.

5. Sink depth – ensure 8” depth

Many current kitchen sinks can’t accommodate pots and pans to be cleaned. By ensuring a base depth of 8” minimum, including counter and a high faucet arc, homeowners can have the sink space they desire.