Pulte Kitchen Throwdown

We Invited. They Delivered.

It started with a simple question: Can PulteGroup build better kitchens designed for the way you live? In our pursuit for innovation in kitchen design, we created the Pulte Kitchen Throwdown.


Six teams of suppliers were invited to the PGI Innovation Center in Norcross, Georgia. The teams were made up of Pulte supplier partners representing all areas of kitchen design including cabinets, appliances, sinks & faucets, countertops, flooring, lighting, and backsplashes. This event was a key part of our Kitchens of the Future project that aims to develop new kitchen designs that meet consumer needs and preferences.


One of the main goals was to have the teams build new and innovative kitchens designed for specific types of consumers.  “This event jumpstarts our new lifestyle kitchen designs and it is exciting to witness our supplier partners working in partnership to address the needs of consumers,” says Diahann Young, Pulte’s Director of Production Innovation.


Following the event, we gathered information and feedback from our partners, staff, and consumers like you. We are using all we’ve learned at the Pulte Kitchen Throwdown to design and build our best kitchens ever. These amazing new kitchens will be built to complement the lifestyle of the homeowner. Can we build better kitchens? We just did.