Smart Home FAQs

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What is a smart home?

  • Smart homes can automate and connect your household devices, giving you more control than ever before. With your devices connected to the Internet, you can setup:

    1. Remote control, for adjusting the thermostat from anywhere

    2. Home automation based on schedules, motion, temperature, and more

    3. Voice control using Alexa, Google Home, Siri, and others

Will it increase the value of my house?

  • There is no guarantee, but smart home technology may increase the resale value of your home. Home technology is becoming an expected feature when people are looking to purchase a new home. Currently, 32.5% of homes have some smart home gadgets. That number is expected to rise to 70% by 2020. Some homes upgraded with smart technology have appraised for more than the cost of the installation. [Source: Reportlinker - Smart Home Industry in the US 2017]

How can I make sure my DiVosta Smart Home won’t get hacked?

  • This is (understandably) a big concern, just like in your previous homes or apartments. Follow the manufacturers’ instructions on your smart devices to reduce security and/or privacy concerns. Keep your network name and password anonymous so intruders have a difficult time identifying what dwelling the Wi Fi is coming from and change your passwords frequently? You will need to enter the new password(s) into all the smart products in your home to reestablish them back onto the Wi Fi network whenever you change your password.

How difficult is it to add new products to my system?

  • We designed our Smart Home to be easily scalable with other smart products that you may want to add after move-in.The home network is owned by the homeowner and you may add more smart products.

Will you help me to set it up?

  • Yes.The DiVosta Smart Home package comes with White Glove Service to set up your front door lock, thermostat and garage door smart devices.After closing, you must promptly schedule your internet service provider’s installation of the modem/to set up your wifi service.After you have WiFi, contact the local low voltage provider (White Glove service provider) specified by your DiVosta Sales Consultant to schedule your White Glove appointment.

Why does a DiVosta Smart Home come with Alexa?

  • We partnered with Amazon Alexa, since Amazon was one of the first companies to combine smart home control with voice commands. This gives Alexa the advantage of additional smart home compatibility.Our system can work with others if that is your preference, including Google Home or Samsung Smart Things Hub.

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